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Summer in Dubrovnik Lauren Vacula-06

If Croatia is not on your travel list, this is your sign to put it on- especially Dubrovnik!!

I went last August to celebrate my birthday with my boyfriend and it was SUCH an incredible trip! There was sun, water, and lots of European vibes happening, which to me- is like paradise in the summer.

Summer in Dubrovnik Lauren Vacula-08

So today, I’m breaking down a few recommendations for you if you’re traveling to Dubrovnik. But- just a heads up- this is more of a summer recommendation list. Because the main recommendation I have is to rent a boat and explore that way. 😛 And I don’t think a boat would be all that fun to do in the winter.

Also, before we get to that- Croatia can get a little pricey for hotels, but I did a whole post breaking down how we booked our hotel (with reward points!). Make sure you check that out if you’re looking to save some money on accommodations but still get a beautiful place.

I also wrote a blog post all about the outfits I brought to Dubrovnik (with a carry-on suitcase only , so there’s a color scheme happening), if you’re looking for any summer outfit ideas.

Summer in Dubrovnik Lauren Vacula-06

And if you want the nitty-gritty deets on all the vegan food we found, make sure you check out this post. There’s a few really good plant spots in Dubrovnik!

Alright now, let’s get into my summer recommendations for Dubrovnik!! Which you’ll be able to see in my Dubrovnik vlog here:

This vlog is basically a diary of what we did over the five days during our trip. We had a good mix of hanging out and relaxing at the hotel and also exploring Old Town and boating. I’ll get to the boating in a second, because I HIGHLY recommend doing it, but I just gotta say that checking out the Walls of Dubrovnik in Old Town is a real experience. They are MASSIVE and it looks almost like you’ve taken a trip through time.

Summer in Dubrovnik Lauren Vacula-04

The cool thing is, you can totally climb (on stairs, not actually on the walls, lol) to the top of the walls but it was so crazy hot when we visited in August, we literally had trouble getting the motivation to walk around Old Town all that much. But Old Town is definitely worth a trip both to the Walls and to just spend some time visiting all the little shops and cute restaurants. (And if you go- check out Nishta for a vegan meal and Gianni for vegan gelato!)

Nishta Dubrovnik
Gianna Dubrovnik

What I do recommend doing though is to see the Walls from the water if you can. They are even more massive from sea level!

walls of dubrovnik

As a special surprise for my birthday, my boyfriend rented a boat for a day which was such a fun experience. We got the most incredible boat captain who took us to lots of different spots to swim and we even got to explore some caves! (More on that in the vlog.)

We loved the experience so much that we decided to say screw it and rent another boat for our last full day. The way we booked it was through our hotel concierge, which if you’re staying at a hotel, makes the whole process of finding and booking a boat that much easier. And, if you’re not into the whole boat thing- they can usually help with figuring out things to do and booking dinner reservations.

For both of our boat days, we rented from Dubrovnik Boats and I can’t recommend the company enough – they were incredible! Both captains we had just made the experiences that much better. They were nice, fun, and super easy-going.

It was a quick trip, but one that was super memorable.

And I know you can already probably guess this, but my biggest tip for visiting Dubrovnik in the summer is, if you can do it, renting a boat. It is such an incredible way to see Croatia’s coastline, the Walls of Dubrovnik, and just have SO much freaking fun.

Dubrovnik is definitely a place to put on your travel list- especially in the summer. It’s such a beautiful, chic, small while still having so much stuff to explore, European summer destination. I highly recommend it.

Happy traveling!!



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