Whether that dream is mine or yours, I don't think there's anything better than seeing a dream actualized. But I know from experience that pursuing a dream requires us to show up as our best selves—mind, body, and soul. To be our happiest, healthiest selves, means that we have the fuel we need to manifest the things we want to achieve in this lifetime. And that is exactly how my journey has led me to exactly where I am right now….

Aside from cooking plant foods, doing yoga, & traveling, I don't think there's anything I love more than the pursuit of a dream.

I'm lauren vacula.

hi friend!

To my core, I believe that we can truly create anything we want in this lifetime and realize any dream we have. That doesn’t mean it’s easy—but what it does mean is that if we make the choice to become the best version of ourselves, we can literally fuel ourselves and our dreams and NOTHING can stop us. And if I can help you arrive at that version of yourself, then I am truly happy. 

I wasn’t always feeling this healthy and happy, or living out my dream of a creative career while helping others and traveling the world...

In fact, at one point, I had a job I hated, I felt completely lost, was abusing my body with dieting and stimulants, and felt the furthest thing from being happy. I was watching people online create their dream lives while I sat in a cubicle, constantly sabotaging myself from moving forward toward my dreams and numbing any feelings of pain that I did have with partying, shopping, or Bravo.

It was a dark place that I hovered in for years. That is until I found plants. When I began moving toward a whole food plant-based diet, I started to notice how things were making me feel. I began to strip away the toxicity from my life. First, it was the relationship I was in. Then I moved on to the substances I was at times abusing (from alcohol to ADHD meds) and anything that was pushing me further from myself. After that, I focused on getting rid of the toxic behaviors, people, and habits I had accumulated in my life, one by one. 

Going plant-based gave me the clarity I needed to see what was toxic in my life. It was gradual and slow but it literally gave me my life back. After stripping away the poison, I started to find the real me again. I began going to therapy to figure out why I went down the path I went down, and started forging a brighter road in front of me. Suddenly—I could see the future and was actually excited about. 

Having an eating disorder in college and my early 20s, I was so destructive with my body and mind. And miraculously, over time with eating a whole food plant-based diet, I began to want to nourish my body and put things in it that helped me to thrive. The plant-based lifestyle allowed me to break from the shackles and chains I had around food (that first developed when I was in college studying nutrition) and get my life back. Not only get it back, but get to know the real me inside—the dreamer who wants to experience a magical life, create things for this world that help others, and be the best version of herself. 

Nowadays, I’m probably eating a papaya or sipping on celery juice while dreaming of ways I can help other women become their happiest, healthiest selves with a plant-based lifestyle so they can run after their dreams.

Plants were the thing that kicked off massive change in my life which had a waterfall effect on EVERYTHING. And that is why I am so committed to spreading the message around holistic living, putting yourself and your health first, and going deep in your soul to really define what you want in this beautiful life. 

I eat papaya for breakfast almost on a daily basis —
I used to be a total Sex & The City fashion obsessed girlie
— I really, really wanted to create a vegan bag and shoe line 
(I even bought a huge role of pineapple leather from Italy, 
but quickly realized I have no idea how to make shoes) —
My favorite place on earth is The Maldives, it’s so magical
— As a kid I couldn’t go on a family vacation without my 
Little Mermaid duffle bag filled with Barbies and books —
I love electronic house music (esp. tropical electronic), 
my fav concert ever is a toss up between Kygo and Odesza


my mission

My purpose is to provide you with the tools & resources to help you become the happiest, healthiest version of yourself, because when  you do that, literally anything is possible.

my mission









eight things

get to know lauren

I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology for my first year of college after developing an infatuation with both fashion and New York City (I blame Sex & The City). After getting to New York and realizing fashion merchandising wasn’t exactly what I wanted—I knew I had to make a major change. 

After leaving FIT and NYC, I moved back in with my parents in rural Pennsylvania and started taking general classes at a Penn State branch campus. It was there that I discovered my love of cooking and decided to go all in and head to Penn State’s main campus to major in Nutrition.

Turned Nutrition Science Girlie

Former Fashion Student in NYC

I’ve always loved and appreciated the people in my life, but losing my dad in 2019 really put things into perspective for me. The relationships I have with the people I love are so very important to me—everyone from my mom, to my boyfriend, to my sister, to my beautiful friends.

In middle school, 3 friends and I created a club called the Herculadies. All we did was make things—from music videos to fashion shows to cut and paste magazines. I was obsessed taking an idea and bringing it to life. And to me, that’s exactly what creating a video or post feels like today. 

Always a Content Creator at Heart 

Daughter, Sister, Girlfriend, Friend

From starting a babysitter's club in 4th grade (and posting flyers at the local gas station) to leaving my corporate pharma job in 2016 to consult social media strategy and build a vegan apparel business—the desire to build the ideas in my head is STRONG and something I can't ignore.

From taking manifestation courses, to being a lover of yoga, meditation, and anything that will help me create my best self—my spiritual practice and connecting with my higher self has become a core focus in my life after I realized the power we each hold within ourselves. It’s all there for us.

Into ALL the Woo & Self-Development

An Entrepreneur from the Start

From the days of trying to make Food Network recipes in my parent’s kitchen to going plant-based and trying every recipe out there—somewhere along the way I fell in love with cooking. There’s something so meditative I find about it. It’s also a place I feel like you can express all your creativity. 

I was bit by the travel bug when I found travel vlogs on YouTube in 2014. After leaving my corporate job in 2016, I got rid of my apartment, put my things in storage, and made a decision that I would start investing in experiences rather than things. My *things* are still in storage to this day. 

Always Dreaming of the Next Trip

Wannabe Plant-Based Chef


Plant Magic: harnessing the pure power of your own health & wellness through a plant-based lifestyle, and using that fuel to manifest every single dream you have for yourself.

plant magic


take a look 
back at

Launched my first digital cookbook (check it out!)

Picked up a new SM client aligned with my beliefs

Took my first manifestation course & fell in love


Learn a bit more about the crazy life path that brought me to where I am today.

Began traveling the world with my boyfriend

fell in love with exploring other cultures


Hit rock bottom after a long struggle with an ED

completely lost & partying to avoid my emotions


Started experimenting with cooking plant foods

began yoga & healing the relationship with my body


Launched the Plant Magic Patreon membership

began my newest project-plant magic digital courses


My blog was featured in InStyle + People Stylewatch

featured on People Stylewatch Times Square billboard 

Began watching travel vlogs & became obsessed


Pandemic hit & lost all but one of my sm clients

Pivoted my focus to my #1 passion—health & wellness

Started my YouTube channel & uploaded weekly 

Dove into creating more content for my blog


Started my first blog about fashion & healthy food

became plant-based


Discovered the pure magic that is veganism

Become an angel investor for Gangster Vegan

Shifted my blog to wellness & plant-based living


Started a vegan apparel business—Wear Bare Bones

Left my corporate job in Philly & moved to Los Angeles

started freelancing social media management services


Founded a social media strategy agency, Hustle x Design

Leased an office in Virigina with my boyfriend

Began travel hacking & experiencing luxury travel


spoke at MobCon & Alt Summit about social media

took my 1st Class fight on Singapore Air (using points)

realized I was viewing the world with a narrow lens


tried meditation & began finding peace within

(Oh, & I Got my first juicer! A memorable moment)


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