Inspired by a transformation of hitting rock bottom to becoming my happiest, healthiest, most energetic self using a whole food plant-based lifestyle, holistic living practices, and mindset and manifestation tools, I’ve created the most in-depth digital resources for your journey to health and happiness.

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If you’re sick of feeling confused around what to eat and how to make it, and want to step into the plant-based goddess you’re meant to be, the Plant Magic Patreon is here for you! Expect fresh new recipes every week, monthly masterclasses, and private 1 on 1’s to help you transform from the inside out.

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These hour long Plant Magic Masterclasses offer you the opportunity to dive DEEP into all the plant-based health and wellness topics you want to implement in your life. We’re talking everything from how to feel your best when traveling to how to quickly prep plant-based foods. Ready to dive in?

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“Lauren has become an invaluable partner for our brand. Her talent for creating captivating content has exceeded our expectations. She has a keen eye for aesthetics and an ability to tell our brand's story in the most compelling and authentic way.”

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“Lauren goes the extra mile to put a personal touch on everything she’s a part of, which results in authentic and engaging content that cuts right through the noise. You can always expect her to bring fresh thinking and creativity to her work.”

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Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was this Plant Magic Academy. I’m pouring EVERYTHING into this course and it’s all in the name of helping you become your healthiest, happiest self because that is what YOU DESERVE. When we’re fully walking in our power (with our health, mindset, and confidence aligned), we’re able to manifest ANYTHING that we want to create in this lifetime. And I know you're going to create some pretty magical things. 

And it’s WORTH the wait! The course will dive into everything from plant-based living to the mindset shifts you need to change your life.



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