Ready to meet your happiest, healthiest self and manifest the life of your dreams? I got you! Here you'll find all the whole food plant-based recipes, massive mindset shifts, and holistic living resources I used to change my life. Are you ready to become the woman you've always dreamed of? 

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From hitting rock bottom at the age of 25- unhealthy, unhappy, and stuck in a cycle of self destructive behaviors- to becoming my healthiest, happiest self, manifesting the life of my dreams- it's been one WILD ride. And I know if these massive shifts were possible for me- they're possible for you too. That's why I've become obsessed with providing the tools, resources, recipes, and lessons I've used to transform my life with you here. 

Passionate about plant-based living, holistic health, magical travel, and inspiring others to achieve their wildest dreams.

I'm Lauren Vacula.

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What are the best plant food finds? Where do I find cute vegan clothing? Are there any travel finds that are a must? What nontoxic skincare and beauty do I constantly reaching for? I've got answers and they're all in the LV shop: 

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Imagine coming home after a long day of hustling, opening the fridge and being able to cook a delicious plant-based meal in 10 minutes. Suddenly, the entire rest of your night is yours. And you can focus on the things that you actually want to do- from the dream side hustle you're building to taking that extra hour for skincare & a bath. Let this guide give you your time back while making sure none of your health goals are sacrificed in the process. 

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