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Dubrovnik Outfits (1)

Dubrovnik outfits!!!

There’s more Croatia coming for you today with this post. We’re breaking down all the warm weather outfits to wear in Dubrovnik. (And there are still two more Croatia posts to come! Think, where you can find the best vegan food and the MUSTS for what to do in Dubrovnik on a hot day.)

We’ve already talked about how to book a hotel in Dubrovnik without breaking the bank, and today we are looking at outfit ideas for Dubrovnik. I posted a vlog from the trip on YouTube but knew I wanted to share a round up here because most of the finds are all on sale now!

I had a crazy long journey to get to Croatia with about 30 hours of travel time. I know that sounds nuts because Croatia is not even that far away. I basically flew from Orlando to Washington DC, had a nine-hour layover in DC, and then flew to Germany. In Germany, I had another nine-hour layover and then a quick flight to Dubrovnik. Because of all of the travel time and layovers, I really just wanted to do only a carry-on and not have to worry about checked baggage. Less bags = less stress to deal with. 🙂

Because of that, I had to pack smart. I picked a few colors to work with and tried to do everything within that color scheme so things would match and go together.

I have to preface this with saying I’m a little crazy. Basically, I think about photos before going to a place- the landscape of the place, and what colors would work well with that landscape. Crazy, I know. For Croatia, I went with a lot of neutrals and blues. I just felt like with all of the water and the big massive neutral Walls- those colors would look great. I know, it’s extra.

So let’s get into the Dubrovnik outfits!

Daytime Dubrovnik Outfits

Light, Airy Skirts and Dresses

Dubrovnik gets HOT in the summer. So hot, that having light clothes is crucial to be comfortable for walking around Old Town. I always like to reach for a skirt (Nordstrom has cute skirt finds) or dress (I love Madewell’s easy dress options) in the summer because they’re easy, comfortable, but still look cute in pics!

Dubrovnik Outfit

Easy Breezy Camp Shirts

Keeping with the hot theme, you can’t go wrong with a light and airy button down. I actually got the shirt below from my dad’s closet. It makes me think of him every time I wear it so I love it. If you don’t want to scour your boo or dad’s closet, I found a couple of cute camp shirts like this at Nordstrom, but I also think you could find incredible shirts like this at vintage shops. They’re easy and breezey to throw on in the morning and look put together when you go hit the breakfast buffet.

Dubrovnik outfits

A Great Sun Hat

Ok so I’m not saying it’s a good idea to travel across the Atlantic with a 3 foot-wide brim hat, but I’m not not saying it’s a good idea. The sun protection on this thing is crazy! It’s covers your entire shoulders. And also, it looks so cute for Instagram photos. But it’s a total pain in the butt to travel with. A small sacrifice to pay for cute sun protection though, right? The original is sold out, but Amazon has a good dupe.

Dubrovnik outfits
Dubrovnik outfits

Comfy Shoes

So….. Teva sandals are actually cute?! I remember these sandals from years ago- they used to be called “dad sandals” and at first when I started seeing blogger pics of them, I thought “hard no.” But then, after seeing them multiple times on multiple people- they started to grow on me. And after realizing they’re completely vegan and made without leather (which is pretty hard to find for sandals), I was sold. And I’m kind of in love with them now. Especially the platform ones. They feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Dubrovnik outfits

Workout Clothes

These are probably the easiest to pack because they take up the least amount of room. I brought a couple pairs of biker shorts and just rewore them a few days in a row. Gross I know, but I didn’t sweat all that much so it wasn’t too bad. Plus- these ribbed biker shorts are kind of incredible with sweat wicking.

Dubrovnik outfits

Boat Days

Long Sleeve Button Downs

I know that a long sleeve button-down kinda seems like a weird thing to pack for a boat day, but I promise you it’s the move! It’s great to throw on and protect your arms from the sun if you’ve been out in the water for way too long. And it’s just so easy to throw on and off whenever you want. They also look cute too- very yacht club chic. You definitely want to make sure the shirt is on the lighter, breezier side though and not too thick.

Dubrovnik outfits

Easy Pull-On Shorts

I love a good pair of denim cutoffs as much as the next person, but denim can kind of be a drag on a boat day. It gets so weighted down and heavy when wet. I love a good, easy pair of pull-on shorts. No zippers, buttons, or heavy denim to weigh you down. I’ve been loving Madewell’s Lightspun Cotton Shorts (I’m so obsessed with how comfortable they are that I even got the pants version too) – because they’re light, easy, and comfy. I also love these black pull-on shorts because they go with pretty much anything.

Dubrovnik outfits


Simple Sexy Summer Dresses

I know I’ve said this already, but dresses are just so easy. I’ve been loving Reformation and WeWoreWhat lately for cute dresses and am always stalking the brands for when they have sales.

Dubrovnik Outfits
Dubrovnik outfits

So there you have it! All the deets on the Dubrovnik outfits. My biggest go-to’s for this trip were my sunhat and a vegan backpack that I carried all my stuff in. I had each of them with me all most every single day.

If you want to see more, make sure you head to my Instagram (@laurenvacula) and check out the Croatia Highlight.



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