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vegan food dubrovnik urban and veggie

This post has been a LONG TIME coming… Today we’re hopping into all the tasty vegan food in Dubrovnik, Croatia!

And if you want to see the food in motion, check out the Dubrovnik Travel Vlog here:

I went to Dubrovnik to celebrate my birthday last year (I’m still wondering how this was a year ago!) with my boyfriend. That city is COMPLETE magic and we definitely lucked out with the hotel we stayed in. (You can check out that post here.)

And- this is totally a side note- if you’re looking for some outfit ideas for Croatia- check out this post.

I wasn’t sure what to expect before going to Dubrovnik because I’ve found while traveling abroad that some smaller cities can be a little trickier to get vegan food. Usually, if you’re headed to a bigger city, there’s definitely going to be some vegan spots.

But, I’m very happy to say that Dubrovnik had some GREAT vegan restaurants. And not only that, a lot of the non-vegan restaurants were very plant-aware and were willing to make modifications to some of their plates.

So let’s hop into all the spots for vegan food in Dubrovnik! I’ll also explain a little bit about how to order vegan food in Dubrovnik if you’re not at a vegan spot too.

vegan food dubrovnik nishta


The place is right in the heart of Old Town Dubrovnik. It’s a really cute little spot to sit outside on the street and people watch. And, you just really get the vibe that you’re in Old Town Dubrovnik. And, the best part, is that they have a completely vegan menu!

vegan food dubrovnik nishta

I definitely recommend getting a reservation for Nishta if you plan on going. Actually, I recommend getting reservations for most spots in Dubrovnik if you’re going in high season. I’m not sure about other seasons- but we needed reservations for pretty much everywhere during the summer.

On the menu at Nishta they have a lot of creative items. We tried the plant gnocchi which was so beautiful (you can see that in action on the vlog) and I also got a raw sandwich which was super yummy. But they do have cooked items, which was great for my boyfriend because he’s not as crazy about raw stuff as I am.

vegan food dubrovnik nishta

Also- don’t skip the dessert menu- it’s so good!

vegan food dubrovnik urban and veggie

Urban and Veggie

This spot is a little bit off the grid from Old Town and the main center of Dubrovnik, but is worth the Uber ride to go there. It’s also fun because you get to see another part of Dubrovnik, which is right across from the water and there are TONS of boats usually docked in the port.

As for the menu – it was so good! I did have a drink there which was called The Joker with a little spicy mezcal in it. There were lots of yummy appetizers to try too, including a hummus and vegan dip plate that was like a mini cheese plate.

vegan food dubrovnik urban and veggie

I also really loved the (gluten-free!) pizza, because I totally did not expect to go to Dubrovnik and find a gluten-free vegan delicious pizza.

vegan food dubrovnik urban and veggie

Urban & Veggie definitely seemed like it could be a more casual spot but it feels kind of magical in the back courtyard. There are flowers everywhere and it’s just a really fun spot to have a dinner with good company.

vegan food dubrovnik gianna


This ice cream shop is such a find! It’s a cute little dessert shop that has vegan sorbet options and even some raw vegan dessert dishes!

It’s right in the middle of Old Town, so it’s the perfect stop when you’re checking out the Walls of Dubrovnik.

I got an Affogato – vegan vanilla ice cream drenched in espresso. HEAVEN!!!

vegan food dubrovnik gianna

Tips for Ordering Vegan Food in Dubrovnik

how to order vegan food in dubrovnik

Sometimes my boyfriend and I will go to non-vegan restaurants when traveling for the ambiance and atmosphere of the place. We just do a few things before we go to make sure that we can eat vegan when there. Here are my go-to tips for ordering vegan at a non-vegan restaurant:

  • Google the restaurant’s menu first to make sure there’s some plant-friendly options.
  • Don’t forget to check out the sides and starters on the menu- sometimes you can make a great meal with a few of these!
  • If you don’t see anything vegan-friendly on the menu, but you have a spot in mind that you’d really like to try, email or call the restaurant to ask if they can accommodate a vegan diet. More and more restaurants these days are opening up to this!
  • Last, check Happy Cow for the restaurant you’re looking at. It’s a vegan database of vegan restaurants (and nonvegan restaurants with vegan options) all over the world. I use it for almost every trip we go on!
how to order vegan food in dubrovnik

I hope this little Vegan Dubrovnik food guide helps if you’re headed to Croatia. And it you are, have the best time ever! It’s such a beautiful spot.



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