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I’ve probably mentioned this WAY too many times, but I’m a big fan of drinks that pack a little extra nutritional punch. Anytime we can add some health benefits to our beverages, it’s a win! And I’ve definitely talked before about my love of Lion’s Mane. And it really is that- a LOVE. Lion’s Mane […]

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I go back and forth between drinking coffee and cycling off of caffeine (I drink this latte when I’m taking a break), but you better believe when I am drinking coffee- I’m drinking coffee with added adaptogenic benefits! Coffee is this beautiful thing that I think most of us have some sort of relationship with. […]

lion's mane

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Focus & productivity can be kind of a tricky thing, right? ENTER: Lion’s Mane. ???? Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar- you know that you have things you want to accomplish, goals you want to crush, and you know you need to focus and be productive to crush them. But then when you sit […]

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You want the coffee but also feel like caffeine makes you a little cray in quarantine?  I get it. My love affair with coffee runs strong, but I’ve also realized how drinking so much of it was making me feel. Jittery. Anxious. Sometimes sweaty. Sometimes I’d even feel a high and low from it.  Not […]

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