Lion’s Mane for Focus & Productivity


Focus & productivity can be kind of a tricky thing, right? ENTER: Lion’s Mane. ????

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar- you know that you have things you want to accomplish, goals you want to crush, and you know you need to focus and be productive to crush them. But then when you sit down to work, you sometimes get… distracted.

I’ve been distracted so many times! At one point in college, I didn’t think I was capable of focusing on my own, and I began to rely on ADHD medicine to do it. (Another story for another day.) Both focus and productivity have been something that I’ve thought quite a bit about.

Over time, I realized that if I set myself up in an optimal way- eliminate distractions, get rest, make a to-do power list, use a timer and allow myself breaks, and fuel myself properly- I can have a pretty freaking productive day.

And that’s where today’s topic comes in. This magical little mushroom I discovered over a year ago: Lion’s Mane.

Lion's Mane

Lion’s Mane is an incredibly adaptogenic mushroom. What’s an adaptogen? It’s a plant source that helps the body resist stressors of all kinds- physical, chemically, or biologically.

And after using this mushroom for quite some time- I can fully say that it’s incredible to have when working!

I used to be a regular coffee drinker. I would have about 2 cups a day- sometimes cold brew, sometimes espresso with almond milk. And while I loved the ritual of drinking coffee while I worked, I didn’t love the side effects of feeling jittery, my heart racing, and my attention kinda all over the place.

Enter Four Sigmatic Ground Coffee with Lion’s Mane. It’s a coffee option with about have the caffeine as normal coffee and Lion’s Mane added to the mix. And I’ve found that this formula works so well for working. It’s allowed me to:

  • Focus in on what I’m working on for longer periods of time
  • Be alert and present
  • Increase my productivity

This trio of benefits is a win for me and that’s why I’ll keep consuming Lion’s Mane.

There’s also different ways you can consume this mushroom if you don’t want the coffee. There are a bunch of different companies selling it online. Choose to get it from a source that you trust- look for transparency in where their product is coming from and an attention to quality. (You don’t want any genetically-modified shrooms showing up). Host Defense is another great company for a Lion’s Mane supplement.

If you’re interested in learning more about the mushroom coffee, I did a post all about the Four Sigmatic blend I drink it. (I also made a YouTube video about it too.)

Here’s to lots of focus, productivity, and magical mushrooms.

xo, Lauren

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