Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Somehow Mother’s Day is right around the corner. (Still not sure how that happened?!)

And… if you’re looking but don’t yet have a surprise figured out for the mama in your life, I got you! I’m still getting my mom’s gift together and I found A LOT of cute options for last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas on Amazon. So, I wanted to share everything with you. <3

Let’s get into it!

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last minute mother's day gifts for the self-care lover - cozy, comforting, soft finds

Barefoot Dreams Robe

I got this robe for my mom as a birthday gift, and she is obsessed. It’s SO soft!

Osea Bath Soak

Osea is my absolute favorite clean skincare brand (if you shop at Osea’s site, get a discount with code LAURENV), and I think their bath soak would make such a sweet gift for any mom who loves a good bath.

Bamboo Bathtub Tray

This is another fun gift for any bath lover. It holds a book or Kindle, a glass of wine or a mug of tea, a candle, skincare, and even a cute little plant. It really sets the vibe for bathtime.


Speaking of Kindles, if the special lady in your life is a reader, that just might be the perfect gift for her. It eliminates the need for physical books and makes it easy to get new titles.

Kindle / iPad / iPhone Holder

If you get the Kindle, or, if your mom already has one (or an iPad ) that she reads from, this stand is such a fun gift to make reading (or watching) something that much easier.

Fuzzy Slippers

These are the perfect lounge-at-home slippers that also look cute too.

Cozy Socks

Just like the robe above is super cozy, these socks are too. Another great pick for lounging at home.

Gratitude Journal

I’ve been a fan of this journal ever since I got my first one. It’s a powerful way to wake up and immediately shift your mindset into a positive place. And the pink version makes such a cute gift for mom!

Cute Candle

You can’t go wrong with a nontoxic candle with a sweet message on it for Mother’s Day.

Candle Warmer

You also can’t go wrong with an aesthetic candle warmer. My mom is very into using her candle warmer (versus burning candles) because she feels like candle flames leave black soot on windows (?). If your mom feels the same way, this warmer could be a fun option.

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

I’m a big fan of Barefoot Dreams over here. I love giving these blankets as gifts. They’re the perfect thing to cuddle up with at night.

last minute mother's day gifts for the skincare beauty lover

Osea Facial Set

I talked about this set on Instagram already, and how it’s the perfect gift for any clean skincare lover. It’s like a mini-facial in a box.

Facial Steamer

This is my secret hack for at-home facials: add steam. Before you apply your skincare and after you cleanse, use the steamer for 10-15 minutes. It gives the skin such a glow! It makes a great gift if your mom likes to do at-home facials.

Ice Roller

Another skincare hack is using an ice roller on the skin to diffuse puffiness. And this particular roller is elevated- it’s sturdy, beautiful, and makes a fun gift.

Skincare Fridge

This gift is for the level 5 skincare devotees- a skincare fridge! Add an ice roller, special serums, moisturizer… it’s the ultimate indulgence for anyone obsessed with their skincare routine.

Dry Body Brush

If your mom is into lymphatic drainage and wants to keep her skin silky smooth, a dry brush is a great gift to add to her body care routine. She can use it before showering to stimulate the lymph system and slough away dead skin cells.

Nontoxic Haircare Routine

This brand has become my favorite recently for nontoxic haircare. If your mom has been interested in elevating her hair routine to cleaner nontoxic products, this set would make a great gift.

Vegan Boar Bristle Brush

I’ve been using this vegan brush to brush out my hair every night and it’s fantastic. If you’re gifting your mom any of the hair or skincare products mentioned in this post, this would be a great add-on to make a cute Mother’s Day Basket.

Volumizing Hair Dryer

This tool has gone viral on TikTok and I had to include it in this list. It’s perfect for any mom who loves a wave in her hair.

Satin Scrunchies

These would make a cute addition to a Mother’s Day Basket.

Cute Basket

In case you’re planning on making a Mother’s Day Basket.

last minute mother's day gifts - kitchen and sentimental

Aesthetic Tumbler

I’m a huge fan of Hydro Flask and these tumblers are just so sleek. And I like that they’re a little different from the other tumbler that everyone has. I got my mom a hot pink Hydro a few years ago and she still uses it today.

Flower Delivery

So, I had no idea Amazon had vendors with flower delivery options! And, with Prime, it looks like you can get these beautiful tulips delivered overnight. 🙂

A sentimental card

Don’t forget a card with your gift! Moms love the card. Bonus points if you write a message from the heart inside.

Best Mom Ever Mug

These mugs are giving bathroom tile in the cutest way possible. Perfect for any coffee drinker.

Organic Herbal Tea

This set is the move for any tea lover. The colors are so pretty and aesthetic too.

Vintage-Style Tea Set

I love this gift for any tea drinker. The entire set is so beautiful and classic.

Cool Mom Sweatshirt

For the mom who loves to lounge. 🙂

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

I use these on a daily basis and they make such a great gift for anyone who wears headphones on the reg.

Retro Stand Mixer

This mixer is just too cute. It has a retro feel, but is also super sleek.

High-Speed Blender

My all-time FAVORITE thing in my kitchen. This is such a great gift for anyone into cooking or making smoothies daily. I personally think the 5200 is the best.

Cute Coffee Mugs

This set would be another cute mug option for the coffee/tea drinker.

Ice Cream Maker

I feel like this is an appliance that doesn’t get enough attention but is such a fun gift.

Le Creuset Cast Iron Pan

The most beautiful Le Creuset pan out there and a perfect gift for a mom who loves to cook.

I hope this helps with some last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas! And if you are strapped for time (like we’re talking the day-of and you don’t have a present), you can’t go wrong with something DIY from the heart or a massage or facial gift card!

XO, Lauren

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