Revolve Summer Sale Finds


revolve summer sale finds

Summer has officially begun, and I don’t know about you, but that is one of the most exciting sentences ever to me! Summer is just so special- the days are long, the weather is top tier, and there’s just this feeling of spontaneity in the air. 

I know I mentioned this on Instagram recently, but I’ve really been stepping into a new energy in these past few weeks. (And I know that might sound a little woo woo, but it’s the truth.) And this new energy has been calling me to show up in my day-to-day in a different way than I have been showing up in the past few years. It’s been calling me to show up in a way where I look and feel like my absolute best self.

So, I’ll save this whole best self topic for another post on another day, but needless to say, I’ve been craving some new clothes for that best self version.

And if you’ve been feeling this energy too, we’re definitely on the same wavelength this summer. And you might have been craving a little summer wardrobe refresh too?

Enter Revolve.

I recently became a brand ambassador for them (pinch me) and could not be more excited. I’ve been loving this brands for years and am so excited to be able to share more of them with you.

They have SO many good brands (including this super chic vegan shoe brand) featured on the site and they also ship super fast. I’ll be sharing more finds from Revolve soon, and you can find my Revolve loves list here, but today- I’m sharing some of the cutest summer sale finds I’ve found. From denim shorts to coverups to cute summer tops – we’re breaking it down today!

Click on the pictures to check any of the items out on Revolve. Happy shopping!

Pops of color we need this summer:

Neutral closet staples you’ll keep reaching for:

Elevated basics for sexy summer nights:

Happy summer friend!!!

If you get any of summer sale fashion finds, share them on Instagram and tag me! I’d love to see what you find!

Talk to you soon, xo,


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