My Top Picks for Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts


Healthy Valentine's Day Gifts

A healthy Valentine’s Day? What does that even mean?! Isn’t V-Day for chocolates and 5-course meals?

Don’t get me wrong- I’m all for chocolates, but I also love the idea of giving your sweetie a gift that promotes health and happiness. First, it can be exciting for them (maybe they’ve wanted to invest in new workout gear but just haven’t done it), and it’s also the gift that keeps on giving weeks and months to come. So let’s get into it: healthy Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your bae- all centered around their health and happiness. 

I’ve talked about how much plant-based living led me to a happier and healthier life, and while I’ve included some of my fave plant gifts in this post, there also is a lot of other things that lend to a happy, healthy life. I hope you find some healthy Valentine’s Day gifts for your sweetie here, or some gifts to treat yourself with this weekend!

Healthy Kitchen Gifts

Healthy Valentine's Day Gifts

If you are looking to really spoil your SO, an appliance that they can use every single day is a pretty special gift. My favorite tool in the kitchen is the Vitamix, followed closely by the juicer. The Vitamix is a seriously incredible blender, and I can’t recommend it enough. But it is an investment, so if you’d like to gift a blender that’s more affordable, this one is a great option. My boyfriend loves his and uses it all the time.

I love the idea of creating a little wellness basket to give with the appliance. I picked out a few of my favorite superfoods that I reach for on a daily basis:

Cacao – I love using this in chocolatey smoothies and when making nice cream (lots of frozen bananas + cacao = heaven).

MacaOne of my favorite superfoods, this packs a punch of energy and helps to enhance libido.

Hemp SeedsA great source of protein and the perfect smoothie bowl topper.

Dragonfruit Powder – Not only is this fruit powder on theme for Vday, it also makes your smoothies taste like bubblegum.

Acai Powder – A staple for your bae’s kitchen if they plan on making smoothies or smoothie bowls, this fruit packs a punch of protein and antioxidants.

Dandelion Coffee – Not necessarily for smoothies, but perfect if your honey is trying to decrease their caffeine intake.

Adaptogenic Coffee – Also not a smoothie ingredient, but a great adaptogenic coffee with ashwagandha to gift if your SO deals with stress regularly.

Lion’s ManeThe mushroom your bae needs in their life if they’re looking to increase their productivity and focus levels.

Fitness Tools

fitness gifts valentine's day

If your Valentine is interested in fitness or is looking to get more active, one of these gifts or a combo of them could be a really cute V-day surprise.

Bala Bangles – These have to be the most aesthetically pleasing set of bangles I’ve ever seen. I have a pair in white and use them almost on the daily to do pilates. They make a super sweet gift for anyone who loves a home workout (and who doesn’t lately?).

Bowflex Adjustable Dumbells – I’m not really into heavy weights but my boyfriend is and he loves these things. Unfortunately, they are very pricey, but they are efficient, versatile, and especially great for small spaces where you don’t have a lot of room for a whole gym setup.

Hydroflask – The best water container I’ve ever used- this thing keeps water cold for over a day! It is high quality and also super durable. They come in a range of colors but I’m kinda digging the blue.

Yoga Mat – No matter what kind of exercise your Valentine is into, whether it’s yoga, HiiT, or anything else – a great yoga mat always comes in handy and also makes a really nice gift. And if you’d like something a little less expensive, I have this mat from about 5 years ago and still love it.

Healthy Subscriptions

healthy valentine's day gifts

Kind of like the fitness tools, I love the idea of gifting your bae with a subscription to something that they can get healthy value out of every single day. A few options that I (and my bf) love:

Headspace – This was the app that I started with when meditating. One of the founders, Andy, is the voice behind many of the meditations. His voice is so soothing and really helped me ease into meditation and start enjoying it. If your loved one is seeking some peace, a mediation app subscription is an awesome gift.

Calm – Like Headspace, this is another meditation app subscription. I actually got Calm for free from an offer with one of my credit cards, so I’ve been using it for about the past 6 months. Not only do they have daily meditations, but they also have different trainings you can take to learn to meditate and conquer anxiety and playlists to listen to while you’re working or trying to zen out.

Boho Beautiful – My favorite yoga app out there. My boyfriend gifted me this for Christmas and I use it every single morning. Juliana and Mark, who created the app, are two incredible souls who put out truly impressive yoga videos. (They also create lots of beautiful meditation videos too.) From the location to the actual practice- it is my favorite way to start the morning.

Melissa Wood Health – Another morning favorite, I do Melissa’s pilates flows pretty much every single day (usually after yoga). They are low impact and low intensity while still being extremely effective. In addition to their effectiveness, Melissa has such a calming, bright presence. It is a blessing to start the mornings with her.

Athlean X – A recommendation from my boyfriend- this program is more of a HiiT workout situation. I haven’t done it myself, but my bf vouches for it and loves it. I wanted to include it here in case your Valentine is into more gym/high intensity programs.

Going Inward Gifts

Love Journal Gifts

This is a little bit of a sentimental category- but I love the idea of giving a beautiful blank journal or a journal with prompts as a gift.

Blank Journal – Whether they use it to journal their deepest thoughts, to scribble out work notes, or to write you love notes- you can never go wrong with a blank journal.

Loom Love Journal – I got this at a conference a year ago and was excited for my boyfriend and I to try it. It really is the sweetest thing. Each week, you’re prompted with questions and you each take turns with the journal to answer them. Then you come together and discuss (maybe over a good dinner) your responses. It’s a great way to go deeper together, learn more about each other, and strengthen the relationship.

The Five Minute Journal – If you want to give the gift of gratitude and happiness, this is the journal to do it with. I’ve been using this for a few years now and waking up with gratitude has shifted so much in my life. You basically wake and are prompted to write three things you are grateful for. It’s a beautiful journal.

A Personalized Health Kit

Personalized Health Kit

I made a health kit for my boyfriend one year before he was headed out on a weeklong hike. I found a cute pill holder and packed it with supplements geared toward his health goals. It ended up making a really thoughtful gift that he was excited about.

To build one, think about any health issues or goals your Valentine has and make a list. Then, do a little research and pick supplements based on those issues or goals. Some great staples to start with:

Vitamin B12 – Especially crucial if you are plant-based, B12 helps support energy, metabolism and heart health.

Vitamin D – This one is key during the winter months, and even more so if you’re in a location that doesn’t get much sun.

Mushroom Immune Support – This is a formula of 7 mushrooms that creates a powerhouse supplement to boost your immunity. I mix it with a little water and take it as a shot almost every day.

SuperYou – I love this adaptogenic blend of herbs to help with energy, mood and focus. It also helps to regulate cortisol, so if your bae is stressed- this would be a good pick.

Nontoxic Skincare Set 

Nontoxic Skincare Gift Set

Last Christmas, I created a little skincare set for my boyfriend after I found out he didn’t really have a routine at all. I kept it simple- 3 steps (most days only two), but even those simple steps made a huge difference in his skin health. It’s easy to do when you go from cleansing with water to a simple routine of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. For his set, I chose Osea. They are natural, non-toxic, and organic. And I love their family-owned business. Here’s what I got my boyfriend: 

Cleanser – It’s gentle, effective, and lasts a very long time. My boyfriend and I both use this on the daily.

Exfoliator – This we each do twice a week. It helps to remove any dead skin and oil buildup and is still super gentle on the skin.

Moisturizer – This feels light, while still being super moisturizer. It works especially well in the daytime at combatting external skin stressors like pollutants.

I hope this helped you find some sweet, healthy ideas to treat your Valentine to. And if not- you can never go wrong with a good, heartfelt, spill-you-guts card that tells your boo just how you feel.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

xo, Lauren

Try making your boo homemade dark chocolate.

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