The Best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds


Nordstrom Sale Favorites

Well hi there!! I know I’ve been writing A LOT about summer sales lately (and today we have the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale breakdown). But I figured if I’m shopping the sales and finding great things- I have to share them with you!

So not to get sidetracked, but I’ve been in a bit of a transition period lately. It started sometime last year- I’ve been feeling a massive shift inside. Seven years ago, I moved out of my own place and since then, I’ve been living a very all-over-the-place kind of life. I mean, physically, I feel like I’ve been all over the place- from traveling to be in Virginia with my boyfriend to traveling (a lot) for fun to coming back to Florida to spend time with my mom. And, I don’t know if it’s all the traveling or what, but I’m finally feeling like I’m ready to set down some roots.

And not to make this entire post an entire diary entry, but I felt like I’ve been transitioning to this next version of me. And maybe a bit of a return to my old self.

During these last 7 years, I feel like I may have stepped away a bit from my fashion-loving roots. I kind of stopped getting dressed up. And when I felt this shift in the past few months of feeling ready to transition to the next phase of my life, my style really became a marker of that to me. And that’s when I realized that I really wanted to do a major closet refresh.

This also meant that I started selling A LOT of my old items on Poshmark.


That has led me to shop for new looks in these last few months! I’ve been sharing a lot of my new finds on Like to Know It and Shop My Shelf, and doing a lot of try-on videos on TikTok. And, since the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is happening, you better believe I’ve been scouring it for good closet-worthy basics! And, I thought I’d share them with you, in case you’re currently on the hunt for some new basics.

I’ll link everything in the galleries below, so just click to check out the pieces. And- I’m sure you might feel this way too if you’re reading this post, but Nordstrom is one of my favorite stores to shop at. They always kill it with the customer service and they carry so many great brands!

So, without any more diary entries, let’s get to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks.




Jackets & Blazers

Athletic Gear


Hopefully, you spotted some pieces you love! I tried to focus on things that would stand the test of time, some good closet basics, that you could wear over and over again. And, of course, a few fun finds too (we’re looking at you Cult Gaia clutch).

Anyway- happy shopping!

xo, Lauren

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