Youthful Blackberry Beet Ginger Juice


Skin tightening benefits without an expensive price tag (or hours of sleep)? Count me in  (although I do wish I could get a little more sleep). Blackberries are not only packed with cancer-preventing antioxidants, they also help to improve skin elasticity as well as increase brain clarity. Start you morning with this juice and skip the over-priced face cream or strong cup of coffee.

Youthful Blackberry Beet Ginger Juice
Author: Lauren Vacula,
Serves: 1
Skin-Tightening Blackberry Beet Ginger Juice
  • 1 cup blackberries
  • 1 beet, peeled
  • 1 red apple, seeded
  • 1″ piece of ginger, peeled
  • 1 lemon, peel removed
  1. Feed all ingredients in juicer.
  2. Serve immediately.
Serving size: 1 recipe Calories: 133 Fat: 1.18g Saturated fat: 0.14g Unsaturated fat: .5g Carbohydrates: 44.8g Sugar: 25.8g Sodium: 101mg Fiber: 1.9g Protein: 4.6g Cholesterol: 0mg

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  1. Kendal Koenig says:

    love this site!!!

  2. Yum, Lauren. I’m going to try this. My girls & I love smoothies & juice in the morning.

  3. Interested lady says:

    Blackberry juice looks good. We used to pick blackberries when we took long walls growing up.

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