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Gift Guide for the Vegan

Hi friend! Today I’m back with our last gift guide for this holiday season! (If you missed the others- we did a self-care gift guide, a content creator gift guide, and a health nut guide!) I know we are getting down to the wire so a lot of these finds are Amazon finds that you could potentially get fast shipping, or you could also get gift cards for some of these companies for your favorite vegan. So let’s get to this vegan gift guide!

Vegan Gift Guide

wear bare bones be kind tee vegan gift guide

Wear Bare Bones Hats & Tees

Anything from the Wear Bare Bones Etsy shop would make a great vegan gift! Wear Bare Bones is the vegan t-shirt shop I created with my partner (and also boyfriend) back in 2016. It is the spot to get edgy, unapologetic, and cute vegan apparel. Whether that’s the millennial pink Eat Plants dad hat or getting a Vegan Gang tee for each member of your vegan family, there’s so many options! My favorite is the Plant-Based Bliss tee. It’s just too cute.

will's vegan sneaks vegan gift guide

Vegan Sneakers

Great vegan sneaks can be really hard to find so I definitely wanted to share Will’s in this gift guide! I’ve been loving Will’s NY Trainers for the past 4+ years. My boyfriend gifted them to me for Valentine’s Day and I haven’t stopped wearing them since! They’re the perfect white sneaker to match pretty much anything.

hu chocolate vegan gift guide

Vegan Chocolate + Vegan Cookbook

I think this would make such a cute little gift basket! Add some yummy vegan chocolate bars and a great vegan cookbook and you have a thoughtful gift that any vegan would be excited for! You could even add in a tofu press. Hu Kitchen vegan chocolate is my favorite chocolate brand right now. It’s sweetened with coconut sugar so you don’t have any refined white sugar in it, which I love. Just make sure you are buying the dark chocolate to ensure it’s vegan.

nutr vegan gift guide

Nut-Milk Machine

I mentioned this machine in the Health Nut Gift Guide, but I thought it should be also included in the Vegan Gift Guide because it’s perfect for making vegan milk! It’s a single-serve nut milk machine that allows you to make single batches of plant milk. So, you just put 2 tbsp of nuts plus water plus any other flavors you like and poof- you have your own homemade nut milk! It’s perfect for anyone who wants to make nut milk at home who doesn’t have a Vitamix, or for anyone who just wants to make nut milk quickly on-the-go.

Also, if you shop at– you can use code LV10 to get $10 off your machine.

matt nat vegan bag vegan gift guide

Vegan Purse

Just like footwear, vegan bags can be tricky to find, so I think a great vegan bag also makes a fantastic gift! Matt & Nat have some really beautiful vegan bags that are minimal, classic, and would be perfect for the fashionista vegan. This one in particular is great because it’s neutral and would work with so many different outfits.

vitamix vegan gift guide


This is the crème de la crème of vegan gifts! A Vitamix is pretty much the most valuable player in a vegan kitchen. It can be used to make smoothies, sauces, soups, nut butters, plant-based parmesan cheese….. literally, you can use a Vitamix for pretty much anything! So I know that if you gift one, you’ll knock it out of the park! I’m going to link up Vitamix’s shop here. You can also get your Vitamix on Amazon too- just be sure to check out the warranty info. I know when I purchased mine through Vitamix, I received an 8-year warranty. And since this is a machine that should last a long time, check out the warranty info before purchasing.

veerah luxury vegan booties vegan gift guide

Luxury Vegan Boots

The second vegan footwear brand I wanted to share with you in this guide is Veerah luxury vegan shoes. If you’re looking for a really nice vegan gift, Veerah is it! I have their white Hedy boots and they are so well made. They feel so luxurious and stylish, while still being so comfortable. Great vegan shoes can be hard to find, so I definitely recommend Veerah if you’re looking for a gift for a vegan fashionista.

Also, if you shop at Veerah– you can use code VEERAHXLAURENVACULA to get 10% off your purchase!

So there you have it – all of the best vegan gifts I’ve found this year! If you found a vegan gift that you love- let me know in the comments below!

And I hope you have a fantastic holiday season! I am going to be prepping all this next week for 2023. I have so much on the horizon for you next year and I can’t wait to share it all! See you again soon!



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