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We’re back again with more gift ideas! Today, we’re talking about gifts for the content creator in your life. Whether they’re an influencer, online teacher, photographer, videographer, an entrepreneur with a social media presence, or a social media manager… these gifts will work for pretty much anyone who creates content on the regular. These are all things I use everyday, so I thought I would put a list together of gift ideas for you!

Content Creator Gift Guide

tiktok tripod content creator gifts

The Viral TikTok Tripod

I first heard about this tripod from seeing a few different TikToks and I was INTRIGUED. It looked super portable and easy to use. I also like that it didn’t have a bunch of knobs sticking out of it (like most tripods), making it perfect for travel. I went ahead and got it and LOVE it. I kinda think this thing deserves a separate post, but, I highly recommend this for anyone who is creating content. This tripod is something you can easily take with you anywhere and quickly set up, which makes the whole barrier to creating content on the fly a lot lower. It is a perfect content creator gift!

desktop ring light content creator gifts

Desktop Ring Light

Good lighting is pretty crucial for creating any kind of content – so I think the gift of a ring light is a solid gift idea! This desktop ring light is a great addition to any kind of content creator toolkit because it allows you to set up lighting pretty much anywhere. It’s small enough for the top of a desk and it’s easy to pack down and travel with.

phone mount content creator gifts

Phone Mount

I know this phone mount looks kind of boring and like it wouldn’t be that great of a gift, but this thing is so handy to record videos! Especially if you don’t have a tripod and you want to stick it on glass or even on a mirror. It’s great for get ready with me videos or for any kind of bathroom-shooting skincare content. It’s something you wouldn’t think to order which is why it would make such a great gift!

sony zv 1 vlogging camera content creator gift

Vlogging Camera

If you’re looking for a super nice gift and are shopping for someone who vlogs on YouTube, I can’t recommend this camera enough! I have and love it – I use it for both YouTube videos at home and while traveling. It has a flip screen, so you can see yourself while recording which is really helpful. It’s a beautiful, high-quality camera and is definitely a very sweet gift for the content creator in your life.

whiteboard content creator gifts


This is a little bit of a wild-card gift, but if you have a creator in your life with a lot of content ideas going on in their mind, a whiteboard can be super helpful. And it’s also kind of fun to unwrap. (You can place some things on the whiteboard like an inspirational message and include markers in there with it.) I use my whiteboard a lot for planning content and strategy sessions and love it for helping to get my creative juices flowing.

lg monitor content creator gifts

If you have someone in your life who edits videos, a great gift idea could be to upgrade their monitor situation. My boyfriend got me this monitor for my birthday and I now use it with my MacBook Pro and love it! The picture is so clear and it really makes such a difference for editing YouTube videos. More space = more creativity.

iphone ipad stand content creator gifts

iPhone/iPad Stand

This thing would make a cute little stocking stuffer. It’s basically a stand for your phone or iPad that you can set up next to your workspace. It’s kind of like this little home for your phone while you’re working.

pastel post it's CONTENT creator gifts

Pastel Post-It’s

Another good stocking stuffer is some really pretty pastel Post-it notes. I use Post-its to outline my goals, projects, and content. So, if you have a creative in your life and they are a paper person, you could get them Post-its with a foam whiteboard. But definitely only if they are into doing things on paper.

productivity planner content creator gifts

Productivity Planner

And if the creator in your life also likes planners, this daily productivity planner would make a great gift! This is what I use to write out my daily task list, along with the Pomodoro method. It’s perfect for helping the creator in your life stay focused.

So there you have it- all of the best content creator gift ideas! These are all things that I use on the regular so I think they could be incredibly useful for the creator in your life. I also think these gifts would work for a lot of different kinds of creatives- from a photographer to a videographer to a social media manager to a small business owner who is creating content for their business. I hope it’s helpful!

If you found any good content creator finds- let me know below!

I’ll be back with another gift guide soon.



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