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Let’s talk TIE-DYE! And shopping. :p

In December, I packed a carry-on suitcase, masked up, and flew down to Florida to spend the winter with my mom. I had been spending most of last year with my boyfriend in Virginia, so the majority of my clothes were there. Not sure why I decided to not a check a bag, but I realized when I got down to FL, I left most of my clothes in VA.

What was in FL? Well, a lot of my really old, really grungy stuff. I’m talking terry cloth Abercrombie Kids shorts from middle school and a pair of American Eagle bright green leprechaun shorts with the word “winner” written on the butt. I also found one pair of sweatpants, which had been stained with bleach, and a few of my dad’s old oversized sweatshirts.

So I started wearing these things. And one day when I was out for a run, in the leprechaun shorts and an old grungy t-shirt, I noticed that I was feeling sort of uncomfortable when I saw other people out walking. (And not because of Covid- we kept a safe distance. :)) The discomfort was coming from embarrassment.

Now, I’m all for doing your own thing and not being afraid of judgement from others, but I took a step back at that moments and realized the leprechaun shorts weren’t the way I wanted to carry myself. And that the clothes I was wearing day in and day out didn’t represent the person I wanted to be.

So I made a decision back in December that I was going to shop for some new lounge clothes and workout gear. And when sales started popping up this month, I started my search. And I had a few specifications for this search:

I made sure to shop at stores with good return policies. Mainly, Nordstrom. (They just might have the best return policy out of anywhere.) Because I wasn’t able to try things on, this was a definite priority.

And, of course, tie-dye. I’d been watching people rock tie-dye for most of 2020 in the cutest freaking ways, and wanting some of the fun pattern myself. But I always held off on shopping for it. So finally, after some thought and intention, I let go and scooped up some tie dye.

All the Finds:

Sweatshirt, Jeans (on sale!)
Top, Jeans (old American Eagle- similar here)
Hat (sold out- similar here), Tee (old American Apparel), Jeans
Bag, Tee (old), Jeans
Sold Out (similar)
Sold Out (similar)

A bunch of these tie-dye finds are still available and on sale, so that’s awesome. If you’ve been looking for cute tie-dye finds- I hope this helped!

Shop the post:

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