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clean nontoxic morning skincare

Let’s talk SKIN! Even better, let’s talk morning skincare routines.

2020 became the year of clean, green, nontoxic skincare. I had already dipped my toe into clean, nontoxic products but still had a lot of things hanging out in my bathroom that weren’t exactly *clean.*

Why nontoxic?

I make a huge effort to eat clean, nutritious, organic whole fruits and veggies, and I finally realized last year that I wasn’t taking the same care for my skin. Skin is our largest organ and what we put on it matters. Why? Because makeup and skincare have been found to penetrate the skin and can effect everything from our endocrine system, to our organs, to our reproductive system.

And I don’t know about you, but usually 90% of what I read on conventional beauty and skincare labels I can’t even pronounce. Once I started investigating these ingredients (using the EWG’s Skin Deep database), I realized it was time to kick the toxins to the curb.

*side note* I’ll be covering more skin topics on YouTube (mainly bc I’m obsessed with the idea of clean, natural, nontoxic beauty), and I’ll be doing a YouTube video breaking down the whole process of how I made over my beauty and skincare routines. You can subscribe to my YT channel if you’d like to check it out.

(side note over)

Creating the Routine

So, when quarantine started in 2020- I took it as an opportunity to purge as many chemicals as I could from my beauty routine. And that definitely included my skincare.

It took me time and some trial and error, but I finally found a morning skincare routine that I’m really loving. My skin feels clean, glowy, and my hormonal acne is not happening at all anymore.

Now, I know doing a complete morning skincare (or night skincare) makeover can seem crazy (financially speaking) because products add up quickly. I recommend making a list of the things you’d like to replace in your current routine, along with the items you want, and doing it gradually over time. It’s a little easier on the wallet that way.

Also- a lot of these products below lean toward the pricey side. I really hopped into Osea hard because my friend (a holistic esthetician) Claudia really spoke highly of the brand. (If you’re in DC- she is incredible!) But I did get these products over time and tried to take advantage of sales when they were happening.

Alright, enough talk- let’s get to the morning skincare routine!


Osea Ocean Cleanser

This has been my go-to cleanser for 6ish months? It feels very light and gentle, while still doing a really good job of cleaning the skin. I also use this at night, but if I wore makeup, I’ll do a double cleanse with this.


Ok- truthfully I wasn’t even sure what an essence did when I first heard about Maya Chia. I was so drawn to this after reading reviews on it that when The Detox Market was having a sale, I took the leap. And now- I love it. Essence’s help to boost skin hydration and brightness. And while I don’t think it’s a necessary step, I can tell you that I love this stuff- the smell, the way it feels- it’s just so good!


I’m almost out of this serum and I really like what it’s been doing for me in the morning. It adds hydration and a glow. But, I do feel like serum is the one thing I usually experiment with, so I have my eye on another vitamin C serum when this runs out. But I can say that the Osea Vitamin Sea definitely adds some glow to the face. Just be warned- it has a pretty strong smell too it, almost like a field or something.

Oil & Facial Massage

My favorite part of the routine!! I do facial massage almost every single morning. It helps to drain extra fluid from the face and remove any puffiness. I also just really like the process of doing it. It’s super relaxing and almost meditative.

The sad news here is that Clarisonic is no longer in business, so this massager is not available (except for a few very high priced options on eBay). But- you can use a jade roller or a gua sha to facial massage in the morning and you’ll get just as good of benefit as with this tool!

And whenever you massage the face, you want to make sure that you have a good base of oil happening. I usually reach for this plant-derived squalene oil, although I just ran out so I might experiment with something new. (I’ll keep you posted!)


This lightweight moisturizer is perfect for mornings layered under your SPF and makeup. I usually like something heavier at night, but I really love the lightness of this in the morning. And- it helps to create a barrier on your skin to protect against environmental stressors.

Eye Cream

For some reason, I’ve been living without eye cream for a long, long time. I never really thought it worked. I finally decided to get some at the end of last year, because I noticed some makeup settling into fine lines around my eyes.

Well- I’m officially a convert. I love the way this stuff lays! And I love how much moisture it adds to my under-eye area. It is great under makeup. (When I remember to use it. )

Tinted SPF

My new favorite tinted SPF! This is a liquid tinted SPF (which comes out of a dropper) and I love the way it lays over my skincare. I also love how it makes my skin look. It literally adds the craziest glow. Sometimes I’ll hit it with a little powder, but if I want the full glow- I just let it be. I also feel like you don’t need to use any foundation with this, because it does a great job of smoothing out the skin’s complexion. (But you totally can too.)

Lip Balm

Last but not least, you can’t forget to hydrate the lips! I have a deep love for Dr. Bronner’s and have been using their castle soap forever. And I can definitely report that their lip balm is just as good too.

So that does it for the morning skincare routine! Hopefully this helps you if you’re on a clean skincare journey. And if you’d like to see a night skincare routine- let me know! I have a whole process with gua sha for nighttime. ????

Check out the products:

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