career in social media marketing

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So, you have a job that you’re not really digging and you’re interested in doing something completely different, but you have no idea where to start? I get you. And I have been there. I also didn’t know how I change jobs, industries, and my career in the direction that I wanted it to go. […]

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If you send emails for your eCommerce company, coaching group, newsletter subscribers, product business, or anything in between, you know the sting of sending something that doesn’t get opened and read. It’s sort of like throwing a note in a bottle into the ocean that no one ends up finding. ???? Wait- that totally does […]

how I left my 9-5

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If you’re at a job you hate and you want out, you can get out! And it doesn’t have to be as daunting of a task as it might seem. To cut to the chase, I was able to quit my 9-5 corporate job by cutting my expenses way down and starting to freelance. Going […]

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