How to Design an Email That People Want to Read


If you send emails for your eCommerce company, coaching group, newsletter subscribers, product business, or anything in between, you know the sting of sending something that doesn’t get opened and read. It’s sort of like throwing a note in a bottle into the ocean that no one ends up finding. ????

Wait- that totally does not have to be the case! You can increase your chances for your email to get read. A few tricks, some aesthetically -pleasing design, and a little bit of work in Canva and you’ll have something that people want to check out! I promise.

Today on IG Story, I’m breaking down my start-to-finish email design process. (You can also find this in my “Email Tutorial” highlight.)

A few key takeaway tips from the tutorial:

???? Make sure you have an attention-grabbing subject line that speaks to YOUR audience. Please do not think of your subject line as an afterthought. It is the most crucial part to the whole package! ????

???? Be sure to include preview text. It’s important to add some details that intrigue your audience, so they’ll want to open and continue reading that email of yours. Not sure what preview text is?

???? Create graphics with text in Canva rather than just adding text right within the email body to create a beautiful, easy-to-read email. One caveat- if you have a text-heavy email, writing right within the email template usually makes more sense.

???? Make sure you size down any images you’re including so that your email opens quickly and easily.

???? Use Canva to create free graphics for your email!

???? Design all of the graphics for your email in a similar style– this creates a good flow! (I love using Canva to do this.)

???? Use store and brand emails you subscribe to to get inspiration for your emails. I like to look at their subject lines, graphics, and the way they get their customers attention within the email. They’re paying someone to market for them- so usually they know what they’re doing! ????

Do you use email marketing? What are your favorite tips and tricks?! Let me know if a comment below! ???????? ????

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