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What’s up, guys?! How is your week going? I’m in Florida right now (Ocala), pretty much just grinding. I’ve been here for the month of March and have found myself in a pretty healthy routine, which always helps me to feel happy and calm.

Now, on to today’s topic: PODCASTS!

When I first set out on my journey to pursue my dream life, I quit my corporate job and pretty much had no plan for how I was going to solidify my dream (part of which includes owning my own business). It only took me about two seconds to realize that I needed to learn a lot, FAST. I needed a mentor. Or mentors. But I didn’t know anyone and was too scared to cold call/email/DM people I admired online.

Enter podcasts. There are so many podcasts in existence today that you can literally find one about any niche topic you’re interested in. (And if you find a podcast niche that doesn’t exist, you’ve found white space. Start a podcast on that topic!)

Over the past two years, podcasts have given me so much insight, tactical business ideas, and solid knowledge, that I literally see them as one of the key tools I’ve used in designing my new career. That sounds dramatic but it’s true. And I’m talking about this today because they could potentially be a big help to you too. The best part is, THEY’RE FREE!

So, do you have time for podcasts? YES! Think of all the moments when you’re sitting in traffic, going for a run, or cooking dinner,  that you could be listening to a podcast. I’ve actually started to enjoy driving (something I NEVER liked) because it means I have solid amount of free time to listen to one of these kickass podcasts mentioned below.

If you want a shot at success in pursuing your dream career, or anything else in life, arm yourself with knowledge from experts and execute on that knowledge. Here are my top 5 podcasts for the entrepreneur/freelancer.

  1. The Gary Vee Audio Experience – Gary is fire. His energy is insane and he always amazes me with his quick, tactical business-building ideas he comes up with on the spot with when people call into his Q&A show. This podcast is packed with social media marketing and business strategy tips. Favorite episode: Eating Sh*t for 24 Months, Doing What You Love & Monetizing Your Strengths | #AskGaryVee 237
  2. The Tim Ferris Show– Tim focuses on long-form interviews with world-class athletes, entrepreneurs, and all-around impressive people. He also does solo shows from time to time. Usually focused on breaking down tactical methods to succeed in business/life/etc, he’s been covering more of an internal emotional component lately and I’ve been digging it. Favorite episode: Discipline Equals Freedom — Jocko Willink
  3. How I Built This with Guy Raz– Guy interviews people who have built impressive businesses. This spans everyone from Howard Schultz, the man behind Starbucks, to handbag designer Kate Spade. Not only is it super-fascinating to hear how these well-known businesses were built, it’s also fascinating to hear about the challenging times. Not once has someone said that building their business was smooth-sailing. In fact, they say it was the exact opposite of smooth-sailing. And that gives us, the people in the midst of building something, a sense of calm and hope. Take-home message: no matter how challenging things may seem, KEEP GOING. Favorite episode: Spanx: Sara Blakely
  4. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast– Lauryn has a blog, The Skinny Confidential, that is focused on beauty, business, fitness, and wellness topics. I like her site because she’s constantly delivering value to her readers. She partnered up with her husband Michael in this podcast to talk about everything from health and wellness to beauty to business. They’re both entrepreneurs and hustlers and have a great outlook on going after what you want in life. Favorite episode: #83: Ryan Holiday – Perseverance, Living In The Moment, Failure, Perception, and Creating Perennial Sellers
  5. Lewis Howes School of Greatness– Lewis also does longer interviews with his guests, who span from startup entrepreneurs to YouTube stars, to health experts. He is an awesome interviewer and has a seriously calming energy. I also really like his 5 minute Friday motivational clips. Favorite episode: Master Your Energy with Donny Epstein

Do you have any podcasts you are loving? Let me know!


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