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When March of 2020 happened here in the United States, and things began to rapidly change due to COVID-19, the topic of immunity came front and center for a lot of us. I mean how could it not during that scary time?

I’m not really a news watcher (in fact, I rarely watch the news ever), but in March I found myself checking the news daily for updates on what was happening with COVID. The main topics covered seemed to be about what to do physically- stay indoors, wear a mask, limit contact with others-, whether a vaccine was close, and a constant tally of cases.

What was really confusing to me was the lack of discussion around health and what we as individuals can do to get our health in really awesome shape. I couldn’t figure out why this wasn’t being talked about. I would think that this year, more than ever, was cause for a discussion around health and what we can do to be the healthiest versions of ourselves.

But as time wore on, I didn’t see too much of that happening.

This brings me to the main reason I created this guide- we must be our own biggest health advocates.

We can’t expect anyone else to do that for us.

Ever since going plant-based I have found that my immune system is the strongest it’s ever been. I lean on whole, plant-based foods- mainly fruits and veggies- to get lots of nutrients every single day. I believe that these whole foods, combined with some choice lifestyle habits, has helped me feel healthy and strong during this crazy uncertain time.

I put this guide together as an overview of how I boost my immunity naturally. Along with green smoothies and lots of fruit, I use lean on the lifestyle tips (covered in the guide) for a strong immune system.

A quick disclaimer- health is not one size fits all and I strongly urge you to figure out what works best for you. I’m just sharing my experience because it’s what I’ve found to work very well for me in feeling healthy, happy, and strong.

Ready to get all my Immune-Boosting Tips?!

You can download the entire Immunity Guide for free here.

In the guide, you’ll find:

  • Immune-boosting nutrient tips
  • Lifestyle actions to support a healthy immune system
  • An immunity-boosting grocery list

immunity-boosting guide

Already got the guide and the groceries? ???? Find lots of healthy, immune-boosting recipes over on my YouTube channel here.

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