How to Listen to Your Gut


There are so many amazing knowledge-building resources out there: books, podcasts, audiobooks, blogs, social media… this list definitely does not stop there. When I’m running, have a long car ride, or getting ready in the morning, I love listening to podcasts and audiobooks. My favorite topics range from business to marketing to healthy living to self-development… pretty much anything I can learn from and apply to my life.

While learning is amazing and crucial to our development, I’ve realized that it’s also crazy important to have quiet time in our lives, especially when we are trying to figure things out. The main reason I’m writing this today is because quiet time is something that I often forget to make time for but is so freaking important. It’s important to us for a lot of reasons, but a big one is to have the ability to listen to our intuition. If we’re constantly letting noise in, it’s a lot harder to listen to what our gut is trying to tell us, whether that’s about a job, a relationship, or anything else.

Getting rid of fear and anxiety is also super helpful if you’re trying to get in tune with your intuition. Having a kickass self-care routine helps me to get rid of extra chatter in my mind, including anxiety, worry, and general nonsense, and leaves me space to actually reflect on things. In addition to meditation and yoga in the morning, I’ve been adding some space to my life through writing, an idea I got from this book.  It takes about 20-30 minutes and allows me to get all of the BS out of my mind so I can be much clearer moving forward in the day. And being more clear allows me to listen to my gut, instead of fear and anxiety.

So the key takehome here is to make sure you are giving yourself time and space to get quiet and listen to your gut/intuition. Do as much as you can to remove anxiety and fear from the equation so you can truly listen to what your gut is saying. Writing in the morning, meditation, whatever your self-care routine, can help to get rid of anxiety and fear, and allows you to have a lot more space for listening to your gut.

I would love to know your thoughts on the subject. How do you listen to your gut? And do you ever have trouble doing this? Leave a comment below so we can catch up.

And thanks so much for stopping by. ❤

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