Qatar Airways Vegan Business Class Menu & QSuites Experience


Qatar Airways Vegan Menu & QSuites

Well- I can’t believe this flight actually happened.

I remember the first time my boyfriend told me about Qatar Airways’ *QSuites* and I googled pictures of it. It was almost like I was googling pictures of a mini apartment in the sky…. there was pics of a double bed, soft plush bedding, giant TVs, and even a whole 4 person table setup for dinners! Flying Qatar was definitely added to my travel bucket list that day.

Way back in the fall of 2019 (which seems like forever ago), my boyfriend started masterminding a plan to take a trip to the Maldives and fly on Qatar Airways. He is relentless when he is working on something he loves- and traveling is definitely one of those loves. So after much thought, travel hacking, research, and flight scanning- he figured out a strategy for us to fly Qatar Airways QSuites using American Airlines miles.

I break down this strategy in my Qatar Airways Vlog, but mainly it was a mix of miles we got by signing up for the Barclay’s Aviator card and buying miles when American Airlines had a miles sale. (Pro tip- sign up for airlines’ mailing lists to be notified of these sales!)

All in, for two roundtrip tickets, it cost us about $1,100 per person (vs $7K for a cash ticket).

I’ll be doing an in-depth blog with my boyfriend so he can break down both the flight and the hotel strategy we use for this flight and to stay in an over-water Maldives bungalow all with rewards points. (I’ll be getting ALL the deets for you!)

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But back to this flight. We originally booked these tickets in April 2020 but had to change that due to the world shutting down. After the sadness wore off, we got our head back in the game and started looking for new trip dates. We ended up finding (ok, my boyfriend ended up finding) flights at the end of November 2020 that would work perfectly. And suddenly, the dream trip was back on.

Qatar Airways QSuite Experience

Qatar Airways Q Suites

As you might have guessed it from my gushing in the vlog, it was an incredible experience. Some of the highlights:

  • The flight attendants are SO FREAKING nice and helpful. They’re also incredibly welcoming and kind.
  • 4 person table setup! I mean- is this real life? We were in rear facing seats that actually connected to a quad configuration. Even though it was just the two of us, they put the walls down for us to check out which was very cool.
  • It was such a calming, peaceful atmosphere. The vibe was right. The cabin interiors are this burgundy and grey color-scheme and everything has this rose gold lighting affect. It just felt so peaceful.
  • Every seat has direct aisle access in business class which is nice if you go to the bathroom a lot (I definitely do).
  • The seats (and the TV screens) are huge.
  • Probably one of my favorite parts of the whole experience (if you are traveling with your bae) is that the middle seat divider drops down so you can create a little double bed situation.
  • Since we were traveling during the pandemic, I definitely noticed how serious Qatar was with their safety protocols. We had to get rapid PCR tests to board the flight. Then, right before boarding, everyone received a shield which you wore in addition to the mask. Since this was a super long flight, I even slept in my mask. (Shout out to the uber comfortable Breathe Easy Sports Mask for making this way more of a comfortable experience!)
  • All the suite doors can be closed which is super nice for privacy.
  • The bedding and PJs literally make the whole experience feel that much more comfy. It felt like we were in our own little mini apartment.

Qatar Airways Business Class Lounge in Hamad International Airport

Qatar Airways Business Class Lounge - Doha

Another perk of flying business with Qatar is access to their business class lounge. And the lounge in Doha is EPIC. Literally this thing was the size of a small resort. Some of the perks:

  • 24/7 dining with a restaurant on the upper level (I found a bunch of veggie and fruit vegan options there.)
  • A super nice and spacious business center that almost felt like a mini-coworking spot (It was also super quiet which I loved.)
  • They’ll provide you with eye masks and blankets if you want to sleep.
  • All different types of seating to get comfy in
  • Great, clean shower facilities
  • Free drink stations/bars everywhere- whether you’re looking for water, juice, a cappuccino, or alcohol- you’ll be covered.  
  • It was very well attended – everything was very clean.

Qatar Airways Business Class Vegan Menu

Qatar Airways Vegan Menu

And now for one of the best parts of the Qatar experience- their onboard vegan menu!! Back in the fall of 2020, I remember we started seeing articles come out about Qatar rolling out a fully vegan business class menu

So, when we figured out how to fly with them- the prospect of this vegan menu was at least half of the excitement for me.

Happy to report- it was good as I dreamed it to be.

The whole dining experience was top-notch, even in Covid times. There were some things that were definitely different because of Covid protocol- like no bread basket or candles, but it was still such a beautiful experience.

And the dishes we got were so good!! You definitely can get a better look at what we ate in the vlog, but here’s a little preview:

  • Mixed Mushroom Tikki with Chia Seeds, Tempered Mixed Vegetables, Saffron Basmati Rice, and Two Sides of Fruit
  • Hummus, Tabbouleh, and Eggplant Dip Mezze Platter
  • Lentils & Roasted Veggies -(This was so incredibly good! And filling.) 
  • Blueberries, Strawberries, and Currants
  • Fruit and Espresso

Hope this post gave you a good peek inside Qatar Airways Vegan Menu and QSuites. To stay up to date on all new content (including that blog post breaking down how we traveled to the Maldives), subscribe to the newsletter here.

What spots/experiences are on your travel bucket list?

xo, Lauren

Check out the vlog from this flight, here!

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