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Prime Day is still going strong! Yesterday, I put together a list of work, travel, and health & wellness favorites.

Today, I’m back with all of my favorite skincare and beauty finds from the sale! I’m talking everything from my facial steamer that I use on the reg to my favorite lip balm with SPF . To shop this post, just click on the pictures which link to the products.

If you’re going to scoop up any of finds, act quick. Today is the last day to shop the sale!

Things I Know, Love, & Use Constantly

Facial Steamer. Adding a steam to your skincare routine can give serious amounts of glow and suppleness to your face. I am obsessed with this steamer! It’s pretty inexpesnive and makes such a difference with your skin’s appearance. It’s super hydrating. I steam about once a week or whenever I’m wanting to look more glowly. You can do this after cleansing, but before you put on any toner, serum, or moisturizer. Steam your face for about 15 minutes (careful to keep a good distance between your face and the steamer) and your skincare products will absorbe so much better into your skin because your pores are open. Just becareful to put the steamer on a level surface. I my steamer one night in bed, while watching Bravo and ended up almost giving myself third degree burns. Keep it on a level surface (not your lap) at all times!

Exfoliator for Body. My mom gifted me with this Himalayan salt scrub last Christmas and I fell in love with it! It exfoliates the body and leaves a moisturized, silky feel on your skin from the natural oils in it. It’s amazingly luxurious and perfect when you want to exfoliate your body.

Facial SPF. I recently started learning about all the dangerous chemicals that are lurking in our sunscreens. Oxybenzone, which is in SO MANY sunscreens, has been linked to making our skin more susceptible to skin cancer. Wait… what?! And this is what most companies are putting in their sunscreens?! I found Supergoop while doing research on sunscreen and have fallen in love with their products, especially their matte mineral sunscreen. This sunscreen mist is a great Prime Day buy so that you can try this brand while it’s on sale!

Body SPF. Another Supergoop find- their Body Butter with SPF is moisturizing and doesn’t have that sticky SPF feel. It’s like your everyday moisturizer but with the added benefit of sun protection!

Lip Moisturizer with SPF. Last Supergoop product. 🙂 This cruelty-free lip balm doesn’t contain harmful toxic ingredients and goes on like (vegan) butter. It also protects your lips from sun damage so that’s a win!

Eye Cream. I’ve gotten used to using eye cream as part of both my morning and nighttime skincare routine every day. I like the simple, gentle ingredients this brand offers and also like the way it feels on my skin at night.

Coconut Oil. I use this for everything. Seriously- everything. I use it as a body moisturizer, a makeup remover, an oil cleanser, for the extremely dry skin on the tip of my nose, for the ends of my hair that get all fly away-y, as a lip moisturizer and for sex. I keep a jar of it in the bathroom at all times.

Natural Deodorant. Deodorant can be some pretty scary stuff. There’s aluminum and a list of other toxic garbage ingredients in most deodorant drugstore deodorants. Aluminum has been linked to center types of cancers and Alzheimer’s. So putting this stuff right near your lymph nodes in your armpits is something you want to stay away from. I’ve been using Native for over a year now and I love the stuff. It smells great, has clean ingredients, and actually works.

Clarisonic Facial Massage & Cleanser Tool. I bought the Clarisonic Uplift facial massager last year during Prime Day and have fallen in love with my daily morning vibrating facial massage. It changes the apearance of my face with just a five minute massage- I’m less puffy and have less fluid under my eyes, cheekbones, and on the sides of my nose. It looks like it takes 5 pounds off of your face. To use it, after cleansing and toner, I put some oil on and use the tool to massage out the excess fluid and depuff. At night, I switch the massage head to the cleanser brush and use it to exfoliate and cleanse my skin. It’s one of my favorite skin buys for Prime Day!

Ice Roller. If you don’t want to jump into purchasing a Clarisonic facial massager, an ice roller is a great way to depuff and smooth out your face in the mornings. You can keep the roller in the freezer and grab it in the morning. After cleansing and toner, put on some oil and use the ice roller to depuff your face. This is especially helpful for those really, really early mornings when you can barely open your eyes.

Jade Roller and a Gun Sha Massage Tool. Again, if you want to skip the expensive facial massager, a jade roller and Gua Sha massage tool set is a great option for facial massage and stimulation. I really believe in the power of facial massage to depuff, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and add a subtle glow to the face. These tools are an awesome addition to both your morning and nighttime skincare routines. Just don’t forget your oil!

Here’s a great video that Melissa Wood Health did on how she uses her Jade Roller and Gua Sha massage tools.

Personal Microdermabrasion Tool. I got this a year ago and use it about once a week to exfoliate my skin. I actually had visited a facialist who told me that I should start getting microdermabrasion on the reg to help with my hyperpigmentation. (I have lots of freckles and some sun spots from too much sun exposure when I was younger.) I found this tool and use it at home rather that going in for frequent facials. Today, it’s $60 dollars off for Amazon Prime Day. And it works.

New Products I’m Scooping Up During The Sale

Facial Oil for facial massage, jade rolling, Gun Sha, and facial cupping. If you do any type of facial massage techniques or use a jade roller or facial cupping set, you’ll need an oil to lubricate the face with. Without an oil, you’ll be pulling your skin around which you definitely don’t want to do. I’m excited to try this facial oil from Honest for my morning and nighttime skincare routines.

Facial Cleanser. This is a new find that I’m excited to scoop up because it looks gentle, it’s cruelty-free, and it contains clean ingredients. The price is also great, so I’m looking forward to trying Honest Beauty!

Facial Mist. I love a good facial mist as a toner after I cleanse my face (before any serum or moisturizer). I also love to use it if my face is feeling dry throughout the day or when I’m traveling on planes. (That recycled air is crazy drying for our skin.) This will be my first time trying out SIORIS, but I’m already loving that it’s vegan and cruelty-free, contains clean ingredients, and has *glowing* reviews.

Castor Oil for Eyebrow, Lash & Hair Growth. I recently saw a YouTube video about how powerful Castor Oil is for hair regrowth. I’m hoping it’ll help me regrow some hair on my left eyebrow that I lost when I got a cut, stitches and a scar on it. (Fingers crossed!) If you’re looking for lash growth, hair growth, or eyebrow growth, I think this oil is worth a shot, especially since it’s on sale for Prime Day.

Shampoo & Conditioner. This is another new brand that I’m trying. I still haven’t settled on a shampoo and conditioner duo that I love. I’m looking for something that is on the natural side, is cruelty-free, vegan, and works with my dry scalp. The reviews for these are awesome, so I’m excited to try them!

So that’s is everything on my Prime Day beauty and skin care list! If you’re interested in checking out my Health & Wellness, Travel, and Work finds- check out yesterday’s blog post. I hope some of these finds help if you’re looking to take advantage of Prime Day.

If you’ve shopped already, what did you find today?

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