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I go back and forth between drinking coffee and cycling off of caffeine (I drink this latte when I’m taking a break), but you better believe when I am drinking coffee- I’m drinking coffee with added adaptogenic benefits! Coffee is this beautiful thing that I think most of us have some sort of relationship with. […]


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Cacao is like a hidden gem of the health world. You get all the chocolate-y vibes, but WAY more nutrients that regular cocoa powder. If you love chocolate, you need to know about cacao. I’ve been a chocolate-lover since I was little. My family was a huge fan of Hershey’s- I mean we even had […]

goji berry superfood smoothie

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Happy Friday! Let’s talk about how good this superfood smoothie tastes for an early Friday morning breakfast. Refreshing, energizing, and filling, this baby leaves you feeling ready to take on whatever lies ahead of you for the weekend. Hopefully that includes some fun things?! Superfoods (including blueberries, kale, and acai berries) win their super title […]

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