quinoa 4 ways

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Whether you’re packing lunch for work, school, or a long day of shopping, quinoa is one of your best bets. Sometimes thought of as a grain, quinoa is actually a complete-protein seed. It contains all nine essential amino acids (which our bodies can’t make and must acquire from food). It’s also very versatile; you can make dishes […]

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 If you haven’t jumped on the beet bandwagon yet, my advice to you is to get on it!!! They are delicious on their own, but paired with crispy kale, buttery avocado, and Creamy Tahini Dressing they are perfection!! Start with a giant bowl of freshly chopped kale.  Next, pour on this heavenly delicious Creamy Tahini Dressing. […]

berry quinoa salad with almond butter dressing

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Fourth of July weekend is almost here! If you’re trying to figure out what to make, I have a few great options coming up on the blog this week. This detox Berry Quinoa Salad with Almond Butter Dressing is not only the perfect color for the upcoming holiday, it’s also delicious and easily portable to take […]

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