Plant Based Naturally-Sweetened Dark Chocolate

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Is there anything better than a really good piece of dark chocolate? How about a plant-based, naturally-sweetened, dark chocolate?! You can find a LOT of different types of chocolate out there- from dark to milk to healthy to not so healthy. And while lots of these chocolates taste really good- the after effects of eating […]

caffeine free maca latte

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This post has been a long time coming. As a lover of hot drinks while working, I’ve struggled with that 3pm workday *what should I drink right now* zone. For me, 3pm is way too freaking late to drink caffeine. Whenever I’ve done this, I end up rolling around in bed at night cursing myself […]

vegan Neapolitan ice cream

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Yep…. vegan Neapolitan ice cream is a thing. And, even better- it’s super easy to make at home! I stumbled on this recipe when I was trying to mix up a strawberry ice cream dupe. When I added cacao, I was thinking more chocolate covered strawberry meets strawberry sorbet. But when I gave it to […]

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