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Plant-based protein: what a freaking HOT TOPIC! If you’re plant-based or are leaning into a more plant-based lifestyle, you’ve probably been asked, thought about, or researched protein. There’s a common misconception that plant-based diets do not contain enough protein. Well- I’m happy to say that they do totally contain enough protein, if you are eating […]

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There’s nothing better than a deliciously yummy, fun-to-snack on appetizer at a holiday dinner. It gives guests something to gather around and enjoy conversation over while you’re finishing up the main dishes. These vegan hummus dips are easy to make, super clean, and an overall awesome way to start a holiday dinner. They’re also perfect to bring to someone else’s dinner because […]

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  If you eat a plant-based diet, you’ve probably been asked where you get your protein from(or you’ve seen memes about it). This question can seem a little crazy to plant eaters, because protein comes in so many different plant forms. Beans, quinoa, peas, chickpeas, and leafy greens are just a few sources. If your diet is a […]

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