sleep better

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We all want better sleep, right? You know the kind of sleep that allows us to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, happy, and ready to take on the day. Sleep has been one of my main health focuses in the past few months. I noticed the less that I paid attention to how […]

just go for it

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I kind of feel like a hypocrite saying this. There have been many times, and there still are many times, when I don’t “just go for it.” Times when I talk myself out of doing something by making up some ridiculous excuse to not move forward. It doesn’t benefit me. It kind of just keeps […]

entrepreneurship diaries: meeting people

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Freelancer? Entrepreneur? Work-from-home? Do you desperately miss social interaction? I did. When I first entered the world of self-employment, I was pumped on the flexibility, being my own boss, and having the ability to set my own schedule. While these things are all fantastic, I started to realize the social impact of my decision and the […]

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