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Let’s talk green smoothies. More specifically, tropical green smoothies. One thing I think we’re all looking for when we reach for a green smoothie is to just feel a little bit better, right? And no matter what kind of green smoothie it is– we usually want to feel healthier, lighter and more energetic after drinking […]

banana bread green smoothie

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A green smoothie can be a little intimidating, right? Like you know it’s going to be good for you and good for your body… but what if it tastes like straight up grass?! Well- I feel you and I understand. When I was first getting into making smoothies- greens were intimidating. That was until I […]

tropical green smoothie bowl

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Green smoothies can be kind of intimidating at first. (The same goes for a green smoothie bowl!) The first time I ever tried a green smoothie I was (for sure) expecting it to taste like grass. Surprisingly (but not really at all)- the way your green smoothie tastes completely depends on what you put into […]

anxiety reducing, magnesium boosting smoothie

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  This green smoothie will get you through the most hectic, busiest, super stressful times of the year. I like to start up my days of a holiday party/dinner/etc with a giant green smoothie for breakfast. (I started drinking this over Thanksgiving weekend for breakfast each morning.) You might be tempted to skip food all […]

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