vegan seven layer taco dip

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With Superbowl Sunday coming up this weekend, game day recipes are popping up everywhere. If you’re looking for some gluten-free vegan healthier alternatives, you’ve come to the right place. Today’s recipe is is a football party favorite, the seven layer taco dip. I’ve swapped out the high fat dairy sour cream and cheese layers with vegan […]

vegan shepard's pie

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What is it about fall that screams comfort food? Longer nights, frequent family holiday gatherings, or colder temperatures? (Probably a mix of all three.) Shepard’s Pie is quintessential comfort food, usually filled with ground beef or lamb, a heavy gravy sauce, and topped with butter-filled potatoes. I came up with a gluten-free, vegan recipe makeover for this classic […]

juice pulp pancakes

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Have you tried making your own juice? I’ve shared a number of juice recipes before, but today I wanted to talk about the elephant in the juicing room- that poor, sad, fiberous pulp that is usually shoved down the garbage disposal. Leftover juice pulp contains flavor, phytochemicals, and fiber. You may be wondering what the purpose […]


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There was a time when I loved jarred queso and tortilla chips. Calories were oddly low for a jar of (what seemed to be) cheese. Turns out, this yellow mystery jar is packed with modified corn starch, malodextrin, monosodium glutamate, and artifical colors Yellow 5 and Yellow 6. Not to mention, it’s a jar of cheese. […]

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 Summer is a great time of year- beautiful weather, brightly colored clothing, and tasty, affordable produce.  One of my favorite veggies in late summer are fresh tomatoes, highlighted in today’s easy tomato soup recipe. You can make this vegan soup with fresh tomatoes or, if none are available, you can use canned. The Vegan Parmesan Cheese is something […]

VEGAN peanut butter dip 3

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The holiday weekend is officially here! Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays for food; there’s always fresh fruit and veggies available and watermelon is in season. If you’re looking for a great vegan dessert option showcasing summertime berries, this quick Vegan Peanut Butter Dip is where it’s at. It comes together […]

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