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Remember how we dove in last week on how to make a green juice that tastes good but is also detoxifying? We’re continuing the juice series today with a drink that is perfect for the days you need a little extra energy and stamina. Maybe you’re about to do a fierce strength workout, maybe you’re […]

maca overnight oats

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Overnight oats that are also packed with superfoods!? Let me introduce you to Maca Overnight Oats… Do you ever really crave something comforting in the morning for breakfast? Like on some days- a smoothie feels incredible. But then there are those other days… The kind of days when you just want something that feels comforting […]

caffeine free maca latte

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This post has been a long time coming. As a lover of hot drinks while working, I’ve struggled with that 3pm workday *what should I drink right now* zone. For me, 3pm is way too freaking late to drink caffeine. Whenever I’ve done this, I end up rolling around in bed at night cursing myself […]

maca powder

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Maca came into my life when I was researching caffeine-free energy substitutes for an afternoon drink. I wanted something that I could have after 3pm that was tasty, healthy, and wouldn’t keep me up until 3am. What I found was maca. It has a sort of butterscotch-caramel-nutty flavor that works really well in smoothies. And […]

Cacao Peanut Butter Smoothie

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Did you used to mess with a chocolate milkshake as a kid? I definitely, DEFINITELY did. My dad was kind of an expert chocolate milkshake maker. He had this whole process involving chocolate ice cream, Hershey’s syrup, Nesquik, an ice cold stainless steel cup, and a special spoon (which he named “MY SPOON). His milkshakes […]

anxiety reducing, magnesium boosting smoothie

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  This green smoothie will get you through the most hectic, busiest, super stressful times of the year. I like to start up my days of a holiday party/dinner/etc with a giant green smoothie for breakfast. (I started drinking this over Thanksgiving weekend for breakfast each morning.) You might be tempted to skip food all […]

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