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Happy Halloween! Any Halloween lovers out there? I kind of have a love-hate relationship with it. I love the decorations, the treats, but hate the scary movies. In fact, my boyfriend and I just were in Orlando for a night and there was a horror movie convention happening in the hotel we were staying at. […]


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Yep. You read that post title correctly. Today we are making Healthy Vegan Snickers Bars!!! Because we should all be able to enjoy candy every now and then and do so without feeling crappy from what’s inside of the candy bars. So let’s talk Snickers for a second. Snickers, which usually can be found right […]

Plant Based Naturally-Sweetened Dark Chocolate

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Is there anything better than a really good piece of dark chocolate? How about a plant-based, naturally-sweetened, dark chocolate?! You can find a LOT of different types of chocolate out there- from dark to milk to healthy to not so healthy. And while lots of these chocolates taste really good- the after effects of eating […]

vegan chocolate peppermint balls

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I’m not going to get it twisted here and claim that holiday sweets aren’t delicious. Because they are. But they’re also a little heavy and a few days of holiday parties/dinners/work things can leave you feeling less than stellar. This grab and go snack-breakfast-dessert will pretty much make you feel the opposite of that. Light, healthy, […]

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