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I go back and forth between drinking coffee and cycling off of caffeine (I drink this latte when I’m taking a break), but you better believe when I am drinking coffee- I’m drinking coffee with added adaptogenic benefits! Coffee is this beautiful thing that I think most of us have some sort of relationship with. […]

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If you’re reading this post, you’re probably looking for a great coffee alternative. Maybe it’s because you’d like to decrease the amount of caffeine you drink, maybe it’s because you’d like to give up coffee altogether, or maybe you’re just curious to see if there’s a great coffee alternative out there that could make a […]

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You want the coffee but also feel like caffeine makes you a little cray in quarantine?  I get it. My love affair with coffee runs strong, but I’ve also realized how drinking so much of it was making me feel. Jittery. Anxious. Sometimes sweaty. Sometimes I’d even feel a high and low from it.  Not […]

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