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Happy Halloween! Any Halloween lovers out there? I kind of have a love-hate relationship with it. I love the decorations, the treats, but hate the scary movies. In fact, my boyfriend and I just were in Orlando for a night and there was a horror movie convention happening in the hotel we were staying at. […]

Plant Based Naturally-Sweetened Dark Chocolate

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Is there anything better than a really good piece of dark chocolate? How about a plant-based, naturally-sweetened, dark chocolate?! You can find a LOT of different types of chocolate out there- from dark to milk to healthy to not so healthy. And while lots of these chocolates taste really good- the after effects of eating […]


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  Happy holidays!! Are you looking for any last minute thoughtful gifts for loved ones? A sweet treat is always an awesome option, whether that means yummy cranberry loaf, tasty cookies, or this veganized peppermint bark. This bark is my personal fav because it packs up so well, looks super cute, and is easy to make. On a personal note, […]

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